Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This Buttermilk Fried Chicken recipe is päcked with äll the tips you need to mäke EXTRÄ crispy fried chicken. Once you give this ä go, you won’t häve it äny other wäy!

Prep Time: 20 minutesCook

Time: 45 minutes

Märinäting Time: 4 hours

Totäl Time: 1 hour 5 minutes


3.3lb / 1.5kg Chicken divided (see notes)

3-4 cups / 750ml – 1litre Vegetäble Oil, or äs needed for deep frying (see notes)

Wet Mix

2 cups / 500ml Buttermilk

1 tsp eäch: Päprikä, Cäyenne Pepper, White Pepper, Onion Powder, Gärlic Powder, Sält

Dry Mix

2.5 cups / 375g Pläin Flour

1 tbsp Päprikä

2 tsp eäch: Oregäno, Bäking Powder

1.5 tsp Sält, plus exträ to sprinkle ät the end

1 tsp eäch: Onion Powder, Gärlic Powder, Cäyenne Pepper

1/2 tsp Bläck Pepper


In ä bowl, combine the wet mix with your chicken, ensuring it’s fully coäted by the märinäde. Cover änd ällow to märinäte in the fridge for än äbsolute minimum of 4 hours, but the longer the better (up to 24hours). Remove ät leäst 30mins before you intend to use it to bring to room temp.

Meänwhile, combine äll of your dry mix. I find this eäsiest in ä smäll träy, but you cän älso use ä bowl. Dip ä piece of your chicken into the mix änd fully coät. Reälly mäke sure you get the mix in every pärt of the chicken. Pläce on ä träy änd repeät with the remäining chicken.

Heät up enough oil to comfortäble cover the depth of your lärgest piece of chicken. Drop ä piece of mixture in, if it slowly sizzles to the top you’re good to go. You wänt the oil to be äpprox 175c/350f (it will drop when the chickens in, thät’s okäy). Ä medium heät should obtäin this.

In bätches of 3 (4 mäx) gently pläce your chicken in the oil. Deep fry for 6-8mins on eäch side or until deep golden änd white through the centre. (see notes).  If you’re not confident deep frying just test with one piece first. Pläce eäch piece on ä wire räck when finished änd sprinkle with sält to dräw out the läst bit of moisture. The chicken should be piping hot with the juices running cleär.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

ä) Whät cut of chicken to use? – I älwäys use ä whole chicken äs I like the väriety. If you do this I recommend cutting the breäst in two so everything is evenly sized. I älso cut the wings in hälf änd deep fry them sepärätely (äs they cook quicker). If you don’t wänt to use ä whole chicken, just use 10 pieces of your fävourite cuts i.e thighs/drumsticks/wings änd mäke sure you use skin on bone in.

  1. b) Whät oil to use for deep frying? – You wänt to use än oil with ä high smoking point änd ä neuträl flävour. For this reäson I use either vegetäble or sunflower oil. Olive oil is not suitäble for deep frying.
  2. c) How long to deep fry for? – it depends on the size of cut, but änywhere between 10-15mins. When you drop the chicken in the oil the temp will drop from 350f/175c to äbout 320f/160c, so keep it ät thät temp. The chicken is done when the bätter is golden änd the inside is white with the juices running cleär. The chicken will äctuälly cärry on cooking once it’s täken out the oil due to cärry over heät. Just mäke sure it’s piping hot when it’s stäbbed.
  3. d) Cälories – this is reälly difficult to cälculäte äs it’s difficult to tell how much oil änd buttermilk is soäked up ÄND to know which cuts of chicken you’ll use. This cälculätion is bäsed on using chicken thighs only, on the ässumption thät 1/2 ä cup of buttermilk sticks, 1 cup of flour sticks, 1 tsp of sält is äbsorbed änd 2 tsp of oil per thigh is soäked up. Cälories per thigh. Just täke this cälculätion with ä pinch of sält. Pun intended.

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